P13Fit is designed for both users and professionals

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P13Fit is designed for both users and professionals

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How does it work

It consists of three training modalities

P13 Hit

All the benefits of high intensity interval training coupled with jump rope. 26-minute session in which high intensity jump rope jump intervals are alternated, using movements of easy execution, with intervals of muscular conditioning with body weight or accessories. The most effective workout to burn fat and sculpt your muscles.

P13HIIT also provides the EPOC effect that will allow you to continue burning calories in an accelerated way up to 12 hours after training.

If you are looking for fast and effective results, this is your program. A class in which you can burn up to 1,000 calories!

P13 Dance

Can you imagine dancing the fashionable songs jumping rope? Fun, right? 55-minute rope jump dance session in which a synchronized choreography is performed with a trendy song. The objective of this session is the dance itself and the choreography in the style of a video clip. During class, the choreography for a song is gradually built up and taught fragment by fragment.

You will dance jumping rope. Although the main objective of this class is choreography and not physical work, we assure you that at the end you will feel that you have had a good workout.

P13 Kids

Surely we have all enjoyed skipping rope as children. P13Fit recovers this activity and structure in an organized way so that the little ones have fun while obtaining great benefits for their development and health. Today our younger generations unfortunately spend many hours sitting or playing with consoles, with their level of physical activity (something fundamental at these ages) on average being much less than necessary.

There are WHO reports that warn of the worrying increase in overweight, obesity and diabetes in children. For the little ones, everything is a game and the best way for them to exercise is through fun. With the P13Kids sessions they will exercise while playing.

A 45 minute session combining rope jumping with games that will provide all the benefits that children need in their development:

  1. Promotes healthy development.
  2. Development of motor skills and physical condition.
  3. Prevention of overweight and diabetes.
  4. Improves self-esteem and social skills.


Today we live in a society in which the time we have for ourselves is limited and, therefore, optimizing it is something crucial for everyone. P13Fit is the perfect solution if you want to lead a healthy life and have a limited time to train, with 25 minutes of practice you will experience great changes and results.

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